Scranton, PA for Office Fans!

If you are an Office fan, you must visit Scranton if you ever find yourself in Pennsylvania! We went for the day and had the best time! My son dressed up like Dwight! I am a HUGE Office fan, so seeing Scranton has always been on my bucket list. Yes, I know that the show…… Continue reading Scranton, PA for Office Fans!

Orange Beach, Alabama

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from a vacation? Like, maybe you planned so many fun adventures into your day and your kids are tired, your feet hurt, you’re broke now, and just flat out exhausted? I have been guilty of this so many times. Not that I am complaining, because I…… Continue reading Orange Beach, Alabama

Texas to Folly Beach, South Carolina Road Trip

I was thinking back on past trips that I haven’t gotten around to blogging about, and remembered that our first EPIC road trip across the country was to Folly Beach, SC in 2019. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this one yet, it was truly unforgettable. So, when my oldest son was in 2nd…… Continue reading Texas to Folly Beach, South Carolina Road Trip

Texas to Moab Road Trip

My family at Delicate Arch Wow! What an amazing road trip we had from Texas to Moab, Utah! We just returned from a spring break getaway that went by way to fast. I am already looking forward to the next time we get to visit this state. It is hard to adequately describe the landscape…… Continue reading Texas to Moab Road Trip

The Preserve – Fredericksburg, TX

Do you love up close and personal animal encounters? Have you ever wanted to visit an elephant sanctuary? Then let me tell you about The Preserve in Fredericksburg, TX! My family was fortunate enough to visit The Preserve on a warm winter day this past January. We actually had tickets for last spring, but due…… Continue reading The Preserve – Fredericksburg, TX

The Ruins of Presidents Park – Williamsburg, VA

Have you ever seen a photo of a place so unique that you knew you had to visit? That was my reaction the first time I saw a photo of the Ruins of Presidents Park. The image I saw was so eerie and creepy, I just had to add it to my bucket list. Unfortunately,…… Continue reading The Ruins of Presidents Park – Williamsburg, VA

Christmas Fun in Santa Claus, Indiana

Did you know that there’s a town named Santa Claus in Indiana that celebrates the magic of the Christmas season all year long? We had no clue! I came across an article that highlighted the top 10 Christmas towns in America and Santa Claus made the list. I was intrigued, so began doing more research…… Continue reading Christmas Fun in Santa Claus, Indiana

Home Alone Themed Getaway

If you follow our travels, you’ll know that I might have a small obsession with the movie Home Alone. I’ve visited the house where the movie was filmed two times now and it’s on my bucket list to go back and see it during Christmastime. So, when I heard that there was a Home Alone…… Continue reading Home Alone Themed Getaway

Michigan Girls Trip

Fall colors, lighthouses, beautiful beaches minus the humidity, and quaint water front towns… need I say more? Who knew Michigan would become a favorite destination of mine! My girlfriends and I decided to take a quick weekend trip to Michigan over this past weekend. It was my first time to visit This state and it…… Continue reading Michigan Girls Trip

Our Spooktacular St. Louis Adventure

Hey y’all! I’m so so so excited to tell you all about our fall weekend trip to St. Louis, MO! I honestly loved it all, maybe because it was our first big family road trip since March, maybe it was because signs of fall were everywhere. Regardless, if you’re looking for fun family trip ideas,…… Continue reading Our Spooktacular St. Louis Adventure