Scranton, PA for Office Fans!

If you are an Office fan, you must visit Scranton if you ever find yourself in Pennsylvania! We went for the day and had the best time!

My son dressed up like Dwight!

I am a HUGE Office fan, so seeing Scranton has always been on my bucket list. Yes, I know that the show was not actually filmed in Scranton, but I still have always wanted to visit and see all the things that the Office referenced during its series. And my youngest son, Jake, really wanted to dress up like Dwight for our visit, so of course I had to make that happen!

I think he played the part well haha!!

I did not plan a trip just to see Scranton, though. We actually decided to do a road trip from Delaware to New York City and our first flight brought us to Philadelphia early in the morning. Instead of just driving straight to our destination in Delaware, and risking having to wait hours for our hotel to be ready for check in, I decided to look at areas that were close to Philadelphia for a quick day trip. I didn’t want to explore Philly because later on in our trip we would be staying there for 4 days. Anyway, I discovered that Scranton is only about 2 hours from Philly and knew this was just the place we needed to spend the day!

The whole crew in our Office attire!

First, we went to the Steamtown Mall, which is actually named the Market Place at Steamtown. We parked in the parking garage and headed in to see the famous Scranton welcome sign that plays in the opening of the show. It is the original sign from the show, but has moved into the mall for photo ops. It is on the 2nd floor, very easy to find. We also took a photo with a Dunder Mifflin sign at a random store on the way to see the welcome sign!

From the mall, we drove around town and saw the big tower, Alfredo’s Pizza, and Cooper’s Seafood (which has a big selection of Office souvenirs if you’re interested in making a purchase). By this point we were actually pretty tired because we had to be up at 3:00 am for our flight. We were driving to Gettysburg for the night, which was another 2 hours away, so even though I would have loved to spend more time in Scranton, we knew it was time to head to our next destination. We also learned that President Biden’s childhood home is in Scranton, so we drove by that for a quick photo, too. If you follow our adventures, you already know that we love seeing Presidents’ houses!

It still says Dunder Mifflin!
Pizza by Alfredo or Alfredo’s Pizza?

It was a short adventure, but the perfect way to spend our day once we arrived in Pennsylvania!

The kids outside President Biden’s childhood home

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