18 Presidential Sites That Aren’t Just for Old People!

If you follow along on our adventures, then you might know that we love a good historical site! This honestly didn’t start with me, although I highly encouraged it. My boys became fascinated with the things they were learning about in school and therefore, their curiosity got the best of them, and they wanted to visit some of the places that they were studying in social studies class! And of course, I’m also an elementary teacher so I would never discourage their love of learning and I jumped right on board and started planning US history trips across the country! It’s worked out great because my kids are learning and I am bringing valuable knowledge back to my classroom at the same time.

We’ve had the opportunity to explore several different historical destinations in the country, but I’m mostly focusing on Presidential sites that we’ve visited in different states. This is a small list compared to every site that is open and available to visit. I have a lot of destinations on my list that we just haven’t gotten to yet, so remember that I’m only sharing those that we’ve actually ventured to today. Keep reading to learn about some wonderful places to visit that people of all ages can enjoy!

Historical Sites to Visit for President’s Day Weekend

Washington DC

Washington DC. – Obviously Washington DC is a great place to start if you’re interested in exploring historical sites. There are so many fascinating places in DC, it’s one of my favorite cities to visit in the entire US! You can also add in museums, a Capital Building tour, eat some amazing food, and more!

So cool being behind the White House gates!

The White House – You can’t visit DC without seeing the White House! It took us three different trips before we were able to get tickets to go inside for a self-guided tour! If you can, I highly recommend a visit inside. How cool is it to say you’ve been in the President’s house?

This is the view from inside the White House looking out at the Washington Monument!

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Washington Monument – The Washington Monument is easily one of the most recognizable monuments in DC. But did you know that you can go inside and ride an elevator to the top? Jett really wanted to do this while we were visiting, so we looked into getting tickets. They do offer some online to reserve, I believe the cost is $1.00. Otherwise, you can wait in line when the visitor center out front opens and grab free tickets for the number of people in your group! Jett and I woke up early one morning and waited in line for about an hour (maybe a little under) and got tickets for our family of four for later in the day. It’s really cool inside and the views from the top are great!

Posing with the Washington Monument behind us!

National Mall – The National Mall is also a must see destination in DC. It’s a wonderful area to walk around, take in the sights, and play or relax on the grassy area if the weather is nice! We really enjoyed taking a nighttime guided bike tour of the monuments along the National Mall! I highly recommend this activity! If you would rather do your own tour, there are plenty of maps online and in the area and you can explore all of those monuments and statues on your own! I suggest visiting the National Mall both during the day and at night!

The Lincoln Memorial, one of our DC favorites!

Ford’s Theatre/Petersen House – Abe Lincoln has always been a favorite of ours, so we just had to visit Ford’s Theatre and the Petersen House across the street. Ford’s Theatre is sadly where President Lincoln was shot and the Petersen House across the street is where he was taken and later died. Both are open for tours and even though it’s sad, it’s very informational. Ford’s Theatre has a small museum that you visit first before going inside the theatre. Lincoln’s seats have been memorialized, but you’re able to view them and then listen to a Park Ranger share the events that led to this fateful assassination. We were all so engaged in this Ranger led talk, even my five year old was completely interested in the story. Once the talk is over, you go across the street and can see the bed that he died in and more artifacts from that era.

These are the balcony seats Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated.

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Mount Vernon – George Washington lived at Mount Vernon, which sits right on the Potomac River, about 13 miles from Washington DC in Alexandria, Virginia. This is an amazing day trip from DC if you’re in the area. We spent about half a day here, touring the house and the grounds. I loved the colors and décor inside the home and sitting outside on the back porch. I can only imagine how it really was back in those days so long ago. We learned a lot on the visit, good and bad. We also visited George and Martha Washington’s tombs on the property, as well as, the slave quarters and the slave cemetery. The best part was exploring the museum, which actually had a pair of George Washington’s false teeth on display!

Posing in front of George Washington’s home!

Monticello – Thomas Jefferson has such a unique home outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. It’s filled with treasures and artifacts mostly brought back from Lewis and Clark’s expedition. It was fascinating, his home was more like some kind of exotic museum! Pictures inside the home are not allowed, but trust me its super cool! We also got some insight on some of his own personal inventions that are in the home. Needless to say, we really enjoyed the guided tour and learning more about our 3rd President! The grounds are great to explore and also very educational. There is a special video inside of Sally Heming’s slave quarters, be sure to check that out if you’re able to visit. And don’t forget to stop by his gravesite on the property, too.

Posing in front of Thomas Jefferson’s home!

The Ruins of Presidents Park – This is such a unique place to visit! Long story short, there was a Presidents Park in Virginia that went out of business around 2010. The park included huge busts of all the presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush. These busts were moved to a new location outside of Williamsburg, Virginia and were basically ruined in the process. Now they sit in all their eerie glory and you can visit! We really enjoyed exploring the busts, it was such a fun and different experience than most of our travels! We also really loved the presidential trivia at the end.

The Ruins of Presidents Park!

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Philadelphia – Not only is Philadelphia an amazing city to visit, there’s so many historical sites that you can see, as well! Around the city you might see people dressed up in time period clothing and you should definitely be on the lookout for tour guides dressed as Ben Franklin or George Washington! My kids really enjoyed this part.

I can’t believe we were inside of the room that the Declaration of Independence was signed in!

Independence Hall –Independence Hall is known as the birth place of our country. Y’all, the actual chair that George Washington sat in is still there! I might have a cried a little on our tour. I am just so fascinated with this part of our nation’s history and the Park Rangers there do a great job of sharing what they know! I left there with more knowledge and respect for some of our founding fathers. How cool is it to see the room that the Declaration of Independence was signed in?

We really enjoyed the people dressed in time-period clothing!

Congress Hall – Right next door to Independence Hall is Congress Hall, which is the building that housed the first two presidential inaugurations. The Ranger Led talk about the first inaugurations was very informative. I highly recommend checking this out if you plan to visit the area.

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Washington Crossing Historic Park – This was such a random stop for us on the drive from Delaware to New York City, but we all had fun! I don’t recommend centering a trip around this destination, but if you happen to be in the area, then you should definitely make the stop! Basically, this site preserves the spot that George Washington crossed the Delaware River. This image is extremely iconic, so it’s really cool to say that we’ve been here! It was a nice stop to get out and stretch our legs and explore the preservation of the area!

Fun stop on our road trip!

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Lincoln’s Home – If you find yourself near Springfield, Illinois you should totally stop by Abe Lincoln’s home! This was our first president’s home to ever visit and my boys and I sure did love it! You can stroll along the streets surrounding the home and it feels like stepping back in time. A Park Ranger will give you a guided tour of the home if you have tickets. You can purchase these at the Visitor Center, which is right by the parking lot.

I just adore this home!

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library – Down the street is the Presidential Library and Museum, which is fantastic for kids! This museum was truly great for all ages, but I really marveled at how well done it was to keep kiddos engaged. Abe Lincoln has always been a favorite of mine, so it was really fun to explore the different artifacts in the museum and learn more about him! Springfield is just a really cool city with lots of different things to explore related to our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln!

This Presidential Museum was fascinating!

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Galena, Illinois – We traveled to Galena, IL this past August and I basically knew nothing about this place until we started planning our Midwest road trip. Let me tell you, this little town is so patriotic and rightfully so! It’s the former hometown of President Ulysses S. Grant. Here, you can explore Grant Park and even take a guided tour of his home! It was really interesting learning about him, I don’t feel like he was a president that I knew much about until touring his home. From all accounts he was a great general and a very interesting man.

Ulysses S. Grant’s home in Galena, IL


Lincoln’s Boyhood Cabin – Another fun stop for my family was Lincoln’s Boyhood’s National Monument in Lincoln City, IN. The actual cabin is not still standing, but there is a memorial in place where it would’ve been located. There are other cabins in the area that were built to recreate the Lincoln farmstead and the grounds are gorgeous. We did some easy walking along the Trail of Twelve Stones, just imagining what life would’ve been like for a young Abe Lincoln. This trail has different markers that review the major events in Abe Lincoln’s life. The Visitor’s Center looks very interesting, too. But unfortunately it was closed when we visited during the pandemic.

Can you believe how small the cabin was?


George W. Bush Presidential Center – We had the opportunity to visit this presidential library and museum in Dallas this past summer and had a wonderful time! I had forgotten how funny George W. could be until we visited and saw different videos of him in the museum. The artifacts were very interesting, my boys were really excited to see how much his family loves baseball! There wasn’t a lot here geared for kids, but we all still enjoyed the visit!

This was one of our favorite rooms in the museum!

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If you visit Dallas, be sure to check out The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. I can’t believe that we haven’t gone to this museum yet, but it’s definitely on my list! Here you will learn more about President JFK’s assassination and you can see the exact spot that he was shot. There’s also a memorial for JFK in the area.

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore – For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to see Mount Rushmore in person. We finally had the chance a few years ago and this trip is still one of my favorites! The entire park had way more than I was expecting! It was really fun to walk along the trails through the Black Hills and see the monument from different vantage points. We also enjoyed the informational plaques along the hiking trails that gave more insight on the monument, the construction, and facts about each of the represented presidents!

Amazing views!

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As you can see, there are several different presidential sites across the US that are really interesting! If you love learning, if you love history, if you love this country, then I highly recommend checking some of these destinations off your list. President’s Day makes for a great, long weekend to explore some of these places and you might just learn something new at the same time! Happy travels, my friends!

Texas Travel: Our Favorite Texas Destinations

Even though I am a Texas native, I haven’t even scratched the surface of exploring all of the unique destinations that this state that I’ve called home my whole entire life has to offer. But, we do have some favorites that we’ve visited many, many times and will continue going back to! Texas can be a great state to visit, we’re super friendly here! I hope you find these places just as special as we do!

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Galveston Island, Texas

Galveston in September

Galveston is one of those places that I hold very near and dear to my heart. I grew up going down to Galveston every summer as a child. I really cannot even count the number of times we’ve been there. We’ve visited the island in every season, and I can honestly say that each one has its own unique pros and cons.

Galveston in the summer
Mini Golf

If you’ve never visited Galveston, most of the hotels are built across the street from the beach along the Seawall. During the summers, it’s pretty crowded. You can stay at the hotels along the Seawall and walk across the street for beach access or park your car in designated spots all the way down the Seawall. We only stay at one place in Galveston, which is Seascape Condominiums. These condos are farther down the Seawall, but are actually built on the ocean side and we don’t have to cross the street to get to the beach. We also love having bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen!

Seascape Condominiums

Summers in Galveston are all about sun, sand, and saltwater! While you will not find pristine blue water and white sand beaches here, you will find a good time! I’ve never found sand course enough to build sandcastles like the sand down in Galveston. And while we have taken our boys to some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, they will tell anyone that asks that Galveston is their favorite beach! I don’t think they love it because of the beauty, but because of the memories that this special place holds.

Building sandcastles in the summer!

It’s very hot and humid in Galveston during the summer. Most of our time here in this season involves playing at the beach or swimming in the pool during the day. There are several restaurants along the Seawall and also on The Strand, but be prepared to wait for a while because of the summer crowds. The downtown area is really fun, we love going to the candy shop and watching saltwater taffy being made! And you can’t miss a trip to Pleasure Pier or Murdoch’s souvenir shop!

My boys happy place!

Fall and spring both offer cooler temps, not too favorable for ocean swimming. Although, my crazy kids will swim here any time of the year! But you will often still find people lounging on the beach or playing in the sand. The pool at Seascape is heated, so my boys love to swim there when it’s chilly outside! I love visiting at these times because its way less crowded and easier to enjoy your stay without fighting the crowds! I usually see the most dolphins out in the water during the fall/spring months, as well.

Galveston in April

Winter can be a great time to visit, but it can also be very moody too. I’ve been to Galveston a couple times during December and February. One visit, it was very cold and foggy and we spent most of our time finding things indoors to do. Another time, it was very enjoyable and we spent a lot of our time outside! With that being said, I have enjoyed all of our visits, no matter what time of year we go!

Galveston in December
  • Beach Must Haves:
  • Elta MD Sunscreen – My dermatologist recommended! (I have had skin cancer)
  • Cooler bag – Holds 54 cans!
  • Beach wagon – This purchase changed our life!
  • Beach Canopy – This is a must have at the beach or camping!
  • Bug Spray – You will need this in Galveston for mosquitos        
  • Rash guard – Highly recommend for sun protection! (I sized up)
  • First aid kit – We take this kit on all of our adventures!

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Dallas, Texas

Dallas Skyline from the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

This past summer we did our first Dallas Staycation, and boy did we have a fun time! This city has a lot to offer, from malls, to hands-on museums, to city parks and zoos, to delicious restaurants. Dallas definitely has something for everyone! The Dallas area really consists of Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, and several other smaller but really neat cities nearby!  All are pretty close to one another and all offer a lot of exciting activities.

Perot Museum

On our staycation we chose to stay in Downtown Dallas and picked a hotel with a roof top pool. The Sheraton Dallas is an excellent choice, especially if you’re visiting in the summer!

Enjoying the pool!

We also took advantage of the Dallas City Pass and our experience and savings were incredible. I cannot recommend this pass enough. With the City Pass we visited the Perot Museum, The Dallas Holocaust Museum, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, and took in the sunset from the Reunion Tour GeO-Deck.

View from the Reunion Tower

We also went to the Grapevine Mills Mall for the Stranger Things Experience and spent some time at the WhoaZone on Lake Grapevine! We ended the stay with some time at the Dallas World Aquarium! And of course, we didn’t do half of the things that Dallas has to offer.

WhoaZone Grapevine, TX

In the summer, Klyde Warren Park is a fun place to cool down and beat the heat in the fountains. There are also several food trucks nearby. The museums also offer a nice reprieve from the sun. And the baseball park is now enclosed and air conditioned, so catch a baseball game and cheer on the Texas Rangers!

Dallas World Aquarium

I would recommend going to the Dallas or Fort Worth Zoo and the Dallas Arboretum in either the spring or fall when the weather is more pleasant. The Arboretum is gorgeous year round, but we especially love the pumpkin village in October! And you can watch the Dallas Cowboys play or tour the stadium at any time!

Dallas Arboretum

Nearby Grapevine is known as the Christmas Capital of Texas! I highly recommend visiting this neat town during the holiday season! Watch the Dallas Mavs play a basketball game or cheer on the Dallas Stars hockey team while you’re close by!

Our malls in the area offer great food, excellent high-end shopping, and other exciting experiences. The Galleria has an ice skating rink while The Grapevine Mills Mall has LEGOLAND and SeaLife Aquarium. The Stonebriar Mall in Frisco has KidsZania and The Shops at Willow Bend has a Crayola Experience! The North Park Mall has a duck and turtle pond and you cannot miss seeing The Trains at North Park during Christmastime!

Reunion Tower

There truly is so much to do here, in any season, for any and every one! And I never really touched on the amazingly delicious food, which you’ll just have to eat to believe. We’d love to welcome you to experience all that North Texas has to offer!  

Click here for more information about visiting Dallas, Texas!

Glen Rose, Texas

Dinosaur World

If you’re fascinated with dinosaurs, then you need to add Glen Rose, TX to your travel bucket list! What makes Glen Rose so incredible are all of the unique activities this little town has to offer!

Glen Rose is known as the Dinosaur Capital of Texas and here you can actually search for real dinosaur footprints and tracks along the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park! This activity is a family favorite of ours! We love throwing on our swimsuits and rain boots and exploring the river beds for tracks. Just be careful, it can be so slippery!

Real dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River

There’s also a fun family attraction called Dinosaur World that my boys love! This place has over a hundred life sized dinosaur replicas that show these dinosaurs in a natural setting. There are also different interactive exhibits and animatronics that we all enjoyed and I especially liked the assortment of fossils. My boys were all about the gift shop!

Dinosaur World

Fossil Rim is a fun wildlife center and drive through safari! We laughed so hard feeding the various animals that roamed past our vehicle. The giraffes are my most favorite, but we’ve never been lucky enough to have one come close enough to feed. One day it will happen though! Be prepared for lots of fun and lots of animal slobber!

Fossil Rim

Another exciting adventure in Glen Rose is Big Rocks Park! There’s not a lot of information about this place, I only found the address online and then happened to come across another blog or travel review about this place. We spent a full day here playing & climbing on the rocks and cooling off in the water. My boys really enjoyed the rope swings hanging from the trees! This park was pretty crowded when we visited, but fun was still had!

Big Rocks Park

We’ve camped in Glen Rose, we’ve visited just for a day trip, and we’ve also stayed at one of the hotels in town. There are lodging options available for all needs. On one of our camping trips to Glen Rose, we rented tubes and floated down the river. The rental company dropped us off with our tubes and then picked us back up where the river ended. It was a nice and relaxing float and you can really see the true beauty of Glen Rose and the Paluxy River!

Big Rocks Park

Click here for more information about visiting Glen Rose, Texas!

San Antonio, Texas

River Walk

When I think of San Antonio I am always flooded with happy memories, dating back to my childhood! This is another place that I visited with my family and I had the most amazing time here on our 7th grade history trip many, many years ago. San Antonio is full of history, the most delicious food, and has always been a fun destination to visit!

If you follow our travels you might already know that I am a huge fan of our country’s history. So naturally, The Alamo ranks high on my list! The grounds around the Alamo are beautiful and the museum cannot be missed. Across the street from the Alamo you will also find some touristy places like a Ripley’s Believe it or Not, a haunted house, and a wax museum. These are fun if you’re looking for something extra to do!

The Alamo

The River Walk is one of my favorite attractions in Texas! It is absolutely gorgeous and I love nothing more than walking along the river taking in the all sights, stopping to eat Mexican food and sip a margarita, and shopping! There are several amazing restaurants and hotels right along the river. If you visit, you have to take a guided a boat ride on the river! We especially love visiting in December. They really do Christmas right and the millions of lights along the River Walk are magical!

River Walk decorated for the holidays!

I just recently visited the Historic Market Square and it truly felt like we were walking along the streets in Mexico. The colors, the sounds, the smells, ah I loved it all! But I didn’t take a single photo! The weather was so mild in December, we were able to sit outside on the patio and have Mexican food while listening to a singer perform. This was a fantastic stop on our way out of San Antonio and back home.

Natural Bridge Caverns is a great stop if you have kids or just really enjoy caves. We like to stop here on our way into San Antonio. It’s a nice way to get out of the car and stretch your legs. And there’s just something so fascinating about caves! I don’t have any recent digital photos here, but there are several on the website I linked above.

Click here for more information about visiting San Antonio, Texas!

There are so many other places to visit in Texas! I am including a list of other Texas destinations to add to your Texas travel bucket list! I have been to several of these places, but not recently and I only want to share places that I feel I can adequately give you details & share recent photos and recommendations about.

  • More Texas Travel Destinations:
  • Austin – Check out the TX state capital building, enjoy live music & great eats, hike or swim at one of the many parks/lakes!
  • Fort Worth – Check out the Fort Worth Stockyards!
  • Houston – Check out NASA!
  • Waco – Check out the Silos, The Dr. Pepper Museum, & Waco Mammoth National Monument!
  • Caddo Lake State Park – Explore this unique environment of marshes and cypress trees by hiking or kayaking!
  • Big Bend National Park – Explore the mountains, desert, and river in this area!
  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park – Check out El Capitan Peak!

Check back for more to come, I’ve realized that we need to take a few local trips in our home state! If you have a Texas destination or recommendation, I’d love for you to leave a comment!