Twin Falls, Idaho

What a fun surprise Twin Falls was! Idaho as a whole is a beautiful and underrated state that I hope we can venture back to explore soon. We didn’t spend a lot of time in Twin Falls, it was more of a resting point for us on our drive from Texas to Yellowstone, but it was a fantastic stop that really made me appreciate the area!

We knew we needed a few places to stop and rest on our road trip and Idaho was a state that we had never visited. So, while looking at our route, I decided to make a stop in Twin Falls for a few nights and then we’d only have about 4 hours or less to finish our drive to Montana. I became interested in Twin Falls when seeing a photo of Shoshone Falls. Little did I know that there are so many more waterfalls and outdoorsy things to do there. The first thing you notice when driving into Twin Falls along Highway 93, is the large Perrine Memorial Bridge that crosses over the Snake River. From the bridge you begin seeing several waterfalls cascading off the canyon. We were impressed and so excited to explore more!

Perrine Coulee Falls

Our first stop of the evening was to see the Perrine Coulee Falls, within Centennial Waterfront Park. It is the coolest waterfall that has a trail that allows you to walk right behind it! This was one of our favorite adventures on our entire road trip! We used AllTrails for directions to the waterfall trailhead. It said that it’s a 2 mile out & back trail, but if you park along the road next to the falls it’s less than 0.5 miles of walking. There are several spots right along the road that offer parking and there is a bigger parking lot farther away that you can use if there aren’t spots available next to the trail, but we had no problem finding a spot. We did go later in the day, around 6:30 pm as soon as we arrived and it wasn’t very crowded at all. The hike also isn’t very long and took less than 5 minutes from our parked car. You can hear the waterfall as soon as you exit your car, before you see the falls. It was so impressive and really flowing! The falls drop almost 200 feet and flow year-round, but summer flows are stronger. We spent at least an hour just taking it all in from different angles. The boys even asked to grab dinner and come back! I have more photos and videos on Instagram at

I highly recommend going to Elevation 486 for dinner after exploring the waterfall! It was delicious and the views of the Snake River and canyon were stunning. We also had the most amazing crab & shrimp artichoke dip. The sunset was pretty nice, too! Be sure to sit outside. I would call for reservations.

Restaurants outdoor seating

Shoshone Falls Park

Did you know that Shoshone Falls is actually bigger than Niagara Falls coming in at 212 feet tall and 900 feet wide? I had no clue until we visited Shoshone Falls Park. The park is about 3 miles from Twin Falls and a must see spot if you’re in the area. There is a $5 entrance fee per car. The area is very peaceful with a nice trail around the falls that offer different viewpoints. You can even kayak to the falls, but its several miles on the water and we didn’t think the boys were old enough just yet for that much paddling. But this is one of my new life goals now, kayak to these falls and see them up close!

Auger Falls

Another one of my favorite waterfalls in the area is Auger Falls, also found within Centennial Waterfront Park. There is a 4 mile loop that you can hike and see several other falls in the distance, but I wanted to hike closer to this waterfall. There is a trail that leads straight up to the falls. I would rate it as moderate/hard because you have to scramble over several large rocks along the trail. But we did it and the boys had fun climbing over the rocks. We also used AllTrails for directions to the trailhead. This hike offers great views of the Snake River and the canyon floor!

As you can tell, we packed in a lot during our 1.5 days in Twin Falls, that mostly revolved around waterfall hikes! We also visited the mall during a brief rain shower. I haven’t been inside a mall in forever! For more information on visiting Twin Falls, check out this website that includes a travel guide and other fun things to do in Southern Idaho!

Sunset over Snake River

I have several videos on Instagram, I’d love for you to check them out! You can find the link to my IG account above (under Perrine Coulee Falls) or at the top of my blog!