Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Street in Colonial Williamsburg

Let’s talk about Colonial Williamsburg! If you’re planning a trip to this destination you’re in for a real treat. I honestly didn’t know much about this place and wish I would’ve done more research before we left home. But let’s be real, I was teaching full time and trying to get my classroom ready for Open House and was just counting down the days until Spring Break and vacation… so hopefully if you’re a busy mom like me, this information will help you plan the perfect trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

So, what is Colonial Williamsburg? Well, it’s a city in Virginia and it played a significant role in the American Revolution. It was the capital of the Virginia Colony from 1699-1780. Currently, it’s a historical district and living-history museum. Actors dress in costumes from that time period and show visitors what daily Colonial life was like. You will see them in the streets, stores, and workshops!

Me posing with an actress!

Here’s what you need to know:

·       First, check out the Colonial Williamsburg website for more information on ticket pricing. Adult tickets are $42, children ages 6-12 are $25 and kids 5 and under are free.  

· But also note that you can walk along the streets of Colonial Williamsburg for FREE. While you’re there you will literally feel like you’re in a different time period. You will see actors playing the part and they are wonderful! Ask them to pose for a quick picture, they will be happy to. You’ll see old Colonial homes, storefronts, gardens, and people riding in horse drawn carriages. If you do not purchase tickets, you will not be allowed entrance into any of the homes or stores. We did NOT purchase tickets, we got there really late and wanted to walk around to explore the streets before we made the decision to buy tickets. I mean let’s be honest, I am not really sure our kiddos (ages ranging from 5-9) would’ve really cared about going inside homes and listening to re-enactments. BUT they absolutely loved being out of the car, exploring the streets, and getting to walk around and see the sights. If I was there with just adults, I probably would’ve purchased tickets for the day. But if you don’t want to spend the money you will still have a wonderful experience just walking down the streets of the town. And you can look inside the windows of the houses and stores, so you can see what’s inside!

·       There are also several restaurants along the streets so you can plan to eat when you’re in the area.  Click here for a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Colonial Williamsburg!

·       We loved our stay at Bluegreen Vacations Patrick Henry Square. It was walking distance to the Colonial Williamsburg area so we didn’t have to worry about parking.

·       Fall and Spring are excellent times to visit. We were there over Spring Break and the gardens were gorgeous. The weather was also very pleasant!

·       1 full day spent in Colonial Williamsburg was plenty of time to see the sights! We spent our other days there visiting Yorktown and Jamestown – these three sites make up the Historic Triangle and are spaced out about a 15 minute scenic drive apart.

·       There are signs everywhere telling you how to get to different places, which we found very helpful!

Enjoy our favorite pictures of our day spent in Colonial Williamsburg!

Be sure to check out what the flags looked like back then!
Storefront window display
Horse drawn carriage going down the Main Street!
As you can see, the streets are gorgeous! Wear comfy shoes!
I loved the parts of cobblestone streets!
Church in the background
Governors mansion in the background
I was fascinated with the old light posts and barrels that lined the sidewalks
My boys and I posing with an actor!
Many photographic opportunities throughout the area!
Thomas Jefferson stat
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