Historic Jamestown and Jamestown Settlement

Let me tell you about Jamestown because trust me, it’s ah-mazing! My boys and I traveled over spring break in March and were so very lucky to see so many historical sites before the world basically shut down. My favorite place we visited in Virginia was Jamestown Settlement! I mean, we seriously got to walk where Pocahontas and John Smith lived and made history.

This is another place that I wish I would’ve done more research on before traveling here. Still, we had a wonderful time! I would recommend spending a full day here, there is so much to see and do. Basically, there are two important areas of interest to see and there are signs for both when you enter the area. We weren’t really sure which place had what stuff, so hopefully the information included here will help with your visit!

Historic Jamestowne

We visited Historic Jamestowne first. It is the first permanent English Settlement in North America and you can explore ruins and artifacts left behind. There is also an archaeology museum on site. Check out the pictures of our time at Historic Jamestowne below.

Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement is a living history museum which showcases life in a fort in the 1600’s and life in a Powhatan Indian Village. This part was my absolute favorite! There’s an indoor museum on site here, too. We were able to explore an Indian Village to see what day to day life was like for the Native Americans in the region. We then visited the fort to see what the early settlers daily life was like. Finally, we climbed aboard a large docked ship and listened to sailors recreate life on the open seas! This is definitely a time that I wish I would’ve paid more attention in history class!

Jamestown Settlement is located at 2110 Jamestown Rd in Williamsburg, VA. We stayed in Williamsburg and were able to visit Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown during our stay! This is a wonderful family destination and a great experience for all of you history lovers out there!


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