How to Take the Best Beach Jump Photos… or NOT!

Hey y’all! I was going through photos this morning, I’m trying to spruce up our home office area since we’re actually using it now, and I came across these series of photos and had to share again.

A little background – All I wanted was a really fun “jump photo” of my boys at the beach. We were in Galveston and that is my family’s happy place! Well, keep reading to learn how I captured these amazing gems!

First, pick out the time of day and a good location for the shot. I was aiming for a sunset jump pic and I didn’t want a lot of people in the background.

Boys were happy, the sky was beautiful, the background was clear… perfect!

Second, you’ll need to have a countdown, so the person or people you’re photoing will know when to jump! It’s really important to know the number you’re jumping on haha!

Third, hold your camera shutter button down so that you can get a series of pictures to go through to find the best one! I start holding down the shutter button as I’m counting.

Special Notes – Be sure to tell the people in your picture to smile and look at your camera or phone when they’re jumping! Some people also like to practice their jumps first or come up with a fun pose for their jump! Be creative!!

Clearly, I am a professional with the most perfect “jumpers”! Check out our amazing shots!

Good luck taking your next jump pics!

Totally nailed it!

Click here to learn more about Galveston, like where we love to stay and some of our favorite places on the island.


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