Glen Rose, TX – Fun For All Ages

Today I want to tell you all about Glen Rose, Texas! This place has been a favorite of ours for years. The first time I went to Glen Rose, I was a little kid on an adventure with our church. However, the memories lasted forever and Jereme and I visited this area several times before we even had kids. What can I say, I am a huge nerd and love all things DINOSAURS! I know that we haven’t done it all, but we have camped here, tubed the river, saw real dinosaur tracks, experienced Dinosaur World, fed animals at Fossil Rim, and more!

I have combined years worth of fun in this blog post to show you what an amazing destination Glen Rose is!

Dinosaur Valley State Park

This park is one of my all time favorites because you can actually see real dinosaur tracks from millions of years ago! Throw on your swimsuit and rain boots and head to the river to explore, swim, fish, and picnic! The rocks are slippery, so be sure to leave your phone behind or put it in a waterproof case. And don’t forget to check out the preserved dinosaur footprints! At this time, you need reservations to enter the park. You can find more information by clicking here!

Fossil Rim

Your family will love this drive through animal adventure! There are so many animals freely roaming in the park, many of them endangered. Roll down your windows, unbuckle those seat belts, and enjoying feeding animals right from your hand! You can find out more information by clicking here!

Dinosaur World

If you love dinosaurs, this is the place to be! There are hundreds of life-size dinosaurs located around this outdoor park. The trails are fun to explore and there are many opportunities to learn about the different types of dinosaurs and several hands-on experiences. There’s also a museum, gift shop, and playground on site. To learn more, click here!

Big Rocks Park

This is such a neat area, right in the middle of Glen Rose, and it’s FREE to enter. There are a lot of “big rocks” to explore and the Paluxy River runs right through this park. It’s not very deep and it is very slippery, but we really enjoyed the day here. Parking is tricky, there are not a lot of spots, so I would suggest getting here early. There’s also a campground across the street that we have camped at before that is really nice! Pack a picnic lunch and bring a swimsuit and good shoes to explore this area. For more information, click here!

As you can see, Glen Rose is a fun destination for adults and kids of all ages! Be sure to add this to your travel list. We’ve visited Glen Rose for the day, we’ve camped and stayed at a hotel in town! Below is a list of hotels and campgrounds in the area.

Hotel List for Glen Rose

Campgrounds in Glen Rose

As always, be safe and kind out there!


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