Favorite Fall Destinations

Fall has always been my favorite season, ever since I can remember having a favorite season. I love everything about the fall… the food, smells, weather, decor, family time, fashion, and just recently, the travel! I am by no means an expert at fall travel, but I’m getting there! You may already know that I…… Continue reading Favorite Fall Destinations

Home Alone Themed Getaway

If you follow our travels, you’ll know that I might have a small obsession with the movie Home Alone. I’ve visited the house where the movie was filmed two times now and it’s on my bucket list to go back and see it during Christmastime. So, when I heard that there was a Home Alone…… Continue reading Home Alone Themed Getaway

Our Spooktacular St. Louis Adventure

Hey y’all! I’m so so so excited to tell you all about our fall weekend trip to St. Louis, MO! I honestly loved it all, maybe because it was our first big family road trip since March, maybe it was because signs of fall were everywhere. Regardless, if you’re looking for fun family trip ideas,…… Continue reading Our Spooktacular St. Louis Adventure

Glen Rose, TX – Fun For All Ages

Today I want to tell you all about Glen Rose, Texas! This place has been a favorite of ours for years. The first time I went to Glen Rose, I was a little kid on an adventure with our church. However, the memories lasted forever and Jereme and I visited this area several times before…… Continue reading Glen Rose, TX – Fun For All Ages

Texas to South Dakota Road Trip Itinerary

The Fosters in front of Mount Rushmore! Hey y’all! Well, I’m writing from Cody, WY today as we wait for our Yukon to be worked on. We were not expecting that the whole computer system would go out on our drive back home. But, we’re at a nice little Inn that’s in a great location…… Continue reading Texas to South Dakota Road Trip Itinerary

Colorado Winter Adventures

Hey y’all! We switched up our Colorado winter destination this year and I can’t wait to tell you all about the little hidden gem we found called Granby! We usually road trip to Crested Butte every winter break, but we wanted a change this year. The boys were not real thrilled with us, but ended…… Continue reading Colorado Winter Adventures

DC Family Adventures

Hey y’all! I can’t wait to share our DC highlights with you. So, my boys became obsessed with all things Presidents last school year. We’ve had so much fun visiting different Presidential sites and monuments, like the Lincoln Homestead and Mount Rushmore. We knew we HAD to take the boys to DC to get the…… Continue reading DC Family Adventures

Our Unforgettable Cancun Family Adventure

Occasionally the Road Trip Queens take to the sky, especially when the Caribbean is calling! My family decided to end the summer in Cancun, Mexico and man, it felt like THE trip of a lifetime. From releasing baby sea turtles, to swimming with dolphins, traveling to Chichen-Itza, and exploring a cenote, we had the adventure…… Continue reading Our Unforgettable Cancun Family Adventure