Home Alone Themed Getaway

If you follow our travels, you’ll know that I might have a small obsession with the movie Home Alone. I’ve visited the house where the movie was filmed two times now and it’s on my bucket list to go back and see it during Christmastime. So, when I heard that there was a Home Alone Airbnb in Dallas (just 45 minutes from my house), I knew I had to see it!

This movie is definitely a family favorite of ours and I cannot even tell you the total amount of times I’ve seen it. I still remember my mom taking my little sister and I to the movies when it released back in 1990, I was 8 years old. I’m not sure a year has gone by that I haven’t watched it during the holidays. And thankfully my boys love it just as much as I do!

Our first visit to the real life Home Alone house!

I’m happy to say that our stay was everything I hoped it would be! I don’t think we stopped smiling all night. The thoughts and details that went into planning this themed getaway are top notch and I cannot believe some of the memorable in this place! AND, it even came with a FREE large cheese pizza.

A delicious cheese pizza all to myself!
Did everyone have these Christmas glasses or was it just me?

I think one night is all you need to experience the magic of this place, especially if you’re local. It felt like the most epic sleepover ever and my boys were thrilled that we didn’t have to leave once we arrived. Of course, if you’re traveling from a long distance, you are right outside of downtown Dallas and have tons of touristy locations and amazing restaurants right at your fingertips!

And my favorite part of all, watching both Home Alone and Home Alone Lost in New York on VHS tape! We taught the kids how to rewind a video and all about Blockbuster and how exciting it was to go rent movies on Friday nights! I’m totally an 80s kid and this just took me back to my childhood! It was nice to forget about politics, Covid and real life for a night!

The kids didn’t know what this TV was haha!
They almost died of boredom when it took us 8 minutes to rewind the movie!
Keep the change, ya filthy animal

I hope you enjoy our night through all of the pictures we took! The link is below if you’re interested in booking a night at “The Kevin.” I believe there’s availability through the end of January 2021!


How cute is this place?
Amazed as soon as we stepped foot on the property!
Buzz, you’re girlfriend… WOOF
Check out the alarm clock, it was even blinking when we got here!
Rockin around the Christmas tree…
Buzz’s room!

Y’all, there were still chips in the bag!



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