Favorite Christmas Destinations

How many of you travel over the Christmas holiday for fun? I’m a teacher, so we try to take advantage of every school break. We’ve found some really great places to visit over the holiday season, so keep reading to check out our favorites!


Dog Sledding in Monarch!

Can you ever really go wrong visiting Colorado any time of the year? It might just be one of my favorite states! Christmas is a magical time to visit this winter playground! My family loves to snowboard, so we’ve been visiting every winter for almost twenty years now. Over the years we’ve traveled to Crested Butte (my absolute favorite ski town), Steamboat, Keystone, Breckenridge, Winter Park, Copper Mountain, and Granby. Each of these ski towns offer their own bit of charm and they all do Christmastime right! You’ll often see torch light parades down the mountain, Christmas decor galore, and snow, snow, snow! Most of these ski towns offer a wide variety of skiing and snowboarding for all skill levels, sledding, tubing, ice skating, dog sledding, sleigh rides, snowmobiling and more! It’s always a good idea to check out each mountain town’s website for more details. If you’re looking for a white Christmas and outdoor winter adventures, then Colorado is the place to go! Click here to read more about our latest winter adventure in Colorado!

Building snowmen in Granby!

Santa Claus, Indiana

Last December I was looking for a fun holiday destination to take my boys. Life just felt hard with all that was going on with the pandemic. So I began researching and found a fun place called Santa Claus, Indiana! It ended up being just the place we needed for a long weekend away from the real world. While this wasn’t like a Hallmark Movie location, it was still magical in its own way! With a name like Santa Claus, you can bet that there’s a Santa Claus on just about every corner! We loved spotting them all. We participated in a FREE drive through breakfast with Santa, photos with Santa, wrote letters to Santa in an old post office (and he even wrote us back), and found the best candy store in town. Click here to read more about our adventures in Santa Claus, IN!

Check out this dabbing Santa!

Williamsburg, Virginia

This state is also becoming one of my favorite states to visit. I’m a huge history nerd, so of course it makes sense that I’d be drawn to Virginia. Last winter we had several flight vouchers to spend before the end of the year. So, I found great prices to Virginia and decided we needed to take Jereme back to the places I had visited with the boys over spring break earlier in the year. Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas was everything I hoped it would be! The decor was perfect for the colonial time period. Wreaths adorned every door and candles were lit in all the windows in the historic district. Farther down near the restaurants and shops was a huge Christmas tree and an ice skating rink! It was such a fun experience to step back in time and enjoy the holidays like the people in colonial times did! Click here to read more about our winter trip to Virginia!

Historic Colonial Williamsburg

San Antonio, Texas

Lights galore!

Have you ever been to the River Walk in San Antonio? They do it right during the holidays! I have never seen so many trees covered in Christmas lights. This is a destination that would be fun for families or even a couple’s romantic getaway. Luckily the weather in Texas is typically mild, even in December. You can enjoy a delicious dinner and margarita at one of many of the famous restaurants that line the River Walk. Dining outside under a canopy of Christmas lights is a must! Plus, you can even knock out some of your holiday shopping while you’re there! Don’t forget to visit the Alamo or take a boat ride down the river! Click here to learn more about Christmas on the River Walk!

Sea World San Antonio

Dallas, Texas

Isn’t this amazing!

Did you know that there is the MOST amazing Home Alone themed Airbnb in Dallas? I had to include this one because it’s a family favorite for us! We actually live just north of Dallas, so this wasn’t a long trip for us but we still loved the getaway nonetheless. The detail that went into setting up this place is top notch and we could not believe the relics from the 80s and 90s that were there! If you book a stay, you’ll even get a free cheese pizza delivered for dinner. If you have kids or even if you just love the movie Home Alone, I highly recommend checking this place out! I felt like I was back in my childhood, and who doesn’t want to feel like a care-free kid again, even just for a night? Plus Dallas has so many fun places, although we never ventured out. We were completely content hanging out in the Airbnb and watching the Home Alone movies… on VHS tape! Click here to read more about our visit and to find all of the booking details.

Once again, we haven’t been everywhere that’s on my holiday travel list and I am sure there are many more wonderful holiday destinations across the US! I hope to add more to our favorites in the coming year! Be on the lookout for our next holiday adventure to Winter Park, CO this Christmas break. No matter how near or far your holiday travels take you this year, I hope you have the best time with your family! As always, feel free to comment for any questions or advice! Follow me on Instagram at Road_Trip_Queen.

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