Christmas Fun in Santa Claus, Indiana

Did you know that there’s a town named Santa Claus in Indiana that celebrates the magic of the Christmas season all year long? We had no clue! I came across an article that highlighted the top 10 Christmas towns in America and Santa Claus made the list. I was intrigued, so began doing more research and decided we had to check it out! And, of course December was the perfect month for a quick visit. So, we got busy finding cute matching holiday sweaters and pajamas for us and the kids. Then, we picked a weekend, booked a hotel and discovered there were so many festive activities planned for the Saturday we’d be visiting!

From Texas, the drive is about 11.5 hours. As we neared Santa Claus, IN, we made a stop at Lincoln’s Boyhood Memorial in Lincoln City, IN. It was a nice place to get out, do some hiking, and stretch our legs after being in the car for so long. Not everything was open due to Covid, but we felt safe, we were outdoors, and were able to social distance from other visitors. It almost felt like we were there by ourselves. If you love Abe Lincoln like we do, make sure to visit this amazing historical site!

From Lincoln City we drove about 5 minutes and arrived in Santa Claus! Right away you begin seeing Santa Claus statues welcoming you into town. The streets are named things like, Christmas Blvd, Holiday Ln, etc. For a small town, it was filled with so many fun attractions. There’s even an amusement park and water park (they were closed while we were there).

We found all of the available activities on the Santa Claus website, which was super helpful to plan out the day!

Here is our list of favorite activities!

1. Drive through donut, pancake and sausage breakfast served by Santa! (Free/Optional Donation)

2. Santa’s Toy Shop

3. Pictures with the MOST amazing Santa and Mrs. Claus! (Free/Optional Donation)

4. Candy Castle – Be sure to try the frozen hot chocolate!

Photo from

5. Writing letters to Santa at the original post office!

6. Firework Show (Free)

7. Watching Christmas Movies at the hotel

8. Exploring Jasper (nearby town)

9. All of the photo ops around town!

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas experience, be sure to add Santa Claus, Indiana to your list!


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